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Since 1978, m-tec has stood for innovative solutions for the production, logistics, and processing of premixed building materials and other fine-grained bulk materials. Many core components for the most important processes, including control systems, are developed and produced by m-tec itself. In almost 100 countries around the globe, m-tec has made construction better, faster and, above all, more economical.


Already at the beginning of 2022, the management under the leadership of Dr. Michael Meding, CEO of the m-tec Group, decided to lead the site in Neuenburg into climate neutrality. The goal is to balance the CO2 emissions, to determine the so-called carbon footprint, to reduce emissions and to become climate-neutral. m-tec wants to operate climate-neutrally. This project involves the entire processes at the site. Both the company’s own production (Scope 1 and 2) and the emissions generated in the supply chain (Scope 3) were determined, balanced and are to be reduced. m-tec mathis technik gmbh takes responsibility for the environment and how we leave it to our children and grandchildren.

Bernhard Maier, COO of m-tec mathis technik gmbh, says: “Sustainability plays an important role in our corporate strategy. With the defined targets and concrete measures, we want to contribute to achieving the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. In this way, we strengthen our position as a preferred supplier to our customers worldwide and are an interesting employer in the region, especially for future-oriented, motivated employees who are committed to protecting the environment.”

The switch to green electricity is already being implemented and will take effect from the beginning of 2023, while other measures such as a PV system, the replacement of motors, lighting, thermal processes such as heating or cooling with energy-saving solutions are currently being examined. Every consumer in the company is being scrutinized and checked for savings potential. An action team is currently advising on the possible and sensible measures, which will then be implemented successively over the coming months and years. m-tec mathis technik gmbh, however, does not want to wait that long. That is why we are already compensating our CO2 emissions with certificates, starting in October 2022. It is clear to us that we do not consider our goals to be fulfilled with compensation through certificates. This is just one step on the long road to reducing our emissions.

Climate neutrality is a continuous process that does not end with a survey and measures. The effects of the measures are regularly checked by new surveys. We are supported in this by a partner: FOKUS-ZUKUNFT GmbH & Co. KG provides us with up-to-date knowledge and its experience on the subject of CO2 emissions and thus helps us to actively protect the climate. We also implemented the initial survey and the purchase of the certificates with FOKUS ZUKUNFT.


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