Our Plus for you

  • Time savings through direct and fast personal advice
  • Reliability and competence – even with particular technical or organizational challenges
  • International team with multicultural experience that can communicate in more than a dozen languages
  • On-site presence in almost all major countries
  • Reputational gain through a brand that is often seen as a synonym for TM technology in plant construction but also in construction site technology
  • Achievement of performance parameters and functions by means of individual solutions, which are not possible with customary standard offers
  • Offering individual package solutions that combine products and services in a meaningful way
  • A uniquely broad range of products and services that reduces interfaces and thus reduces time, risks, and costs while conserving resources
  • Offering the latest technologies based on individual advice, also on site
  • Increased efficiency and cost savings e.g. through higher automation or especially durable, and high quality products with good service
  • Risk limitation and investment protection through know-how based on 40 years of experience
  • Maximum product availability through quality “Made in Germany” as well as through a network of local service partners and our highly specialized m-tec service team


Technology for better building

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