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m-tec – our values

The goal of our entrepreneurial activities is economic success and good cooperation. We want to permanently secure the future of our company and the stable profitability through a healthy growth.
m-tec is looking for economic success in a fair and geared to long-term cooperation with customers, suppliers, and market partners. Safe and healthy working conditions, as well as active environmental protection, take a big part in m-tec’s entrepreneurial activity.

The basis for this is a value-oriented corporate culture that determines our work and characterizes all employees of m-tec. Our core values are respect, team spirit, enterprising, and reliability.

For us, Enterprising means to cope with the daily challenges with pleasure. We try new ways with courage and curiosity –always taking our responsibility. We tackle difficult tasks with passion and we put all our experience into the development of customer-oriented solutions.

Respect is first and foremost the respect for the dignity of each individual and their right to self-determination, taking into account the team’s objectives. Respect for decency and tolerance in cooperation is just as indispensable as respecting applicable laws and protecting the environment.

Team spirit is evident in acting. The ‘We’ is in the foreground. When it comes down to it, we stand together. Our cooperation is based on helpfulness and cooperation.

Reliability is supposed to enable trust and credibility. For us, reliability also includes an authentic appearance as well as honesty. We are keeping our promises and standing by the given word.

Based on these m-tec preserves and strengthens its competitiveness, secures or creates jobs, increases its attractiveness, and makes its contribution to the economic strength of the owner company as well as to the common good.

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