m-tec connect family

The m-tec connect machine series is designed for special applications such as 3DCP or Industrial Automation.

3DCP technology is on the rise and m-tec is right at the forefront. With m-tec connect technology, the first steps in this field have been successfully taken.

Not only the continuous feeding of exactly the right amount of “printing material” is essential. The monitoring capabilities of the process accelerate the correct setting of the parameters. During the process, continuous monitoring of the operating states of your machines is an important advantage: this allows you to detect irregularities in advance and to digitally document successful printing processes.

Construction projects of the future demand new flexible solutions, Industrial Automation and intelligent construction starts with m-tec, because m-tec stands for technology for better building. Which project would you like to start with?

Currently there are the following machines in our m-tec connect family:

Technology for better building

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