Filling Level Measurement

Efficient refilling of your silos

The days when your employees needed a stone or a hammer to figure out how much material is left in the silo are now over. Today, a smartphone is all that’s needed on the modern jobsite and the filling level is displayed correctly. Nobody has to order too much or even too little material anymore. Expensive forced breaks and time pressure are a thing of the past.

The m-tec filling level measurement probe enables an efficient organization of your silos. The dispatcher is always informed about the filling levels of the silos and can efficiently organize the refilling. The transport route is organized according to the specific demand and unnecessary empty runs are avoided. The consumed material can be calculated exactly and the data can be statistically evaluated.

m-tec offers 3 versions of the Filling Level Measurement Probe:

One point measurement:
The entry-level solution at an affordable price. The probe measures a level level and calculates an average filling level.

Scan measurement:
The probe measures several variable points and calculates the level level from the individual measured values. This increases accuracy.

Endress+Hauser Radar probe:
m-tec cooperates with the industry specialist for level detection Endress+Hauser and offers customers the ultimate solution: Radar technology.
This solution allows for a shorter block distance and is the most accurate way of measuring bulk solids in silos currently available on the market.

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