P20 connect


m-tec P20 connect – the new pump for your entry into the automation sector


The P20V connect was developed for use in simple 3D printing applications and various other automation processes.
A connection between the m-tec pump and a higher-level control system is created via various interfaces. This allows the P20V connect to be operated via external control signals.
The P20V connect expands the portfolio of existing m-tec connect machines and represents a compact, reliable and easy-to-operate m-tec m-tec pump is the perfect entry-level model for the automation and automation and 3D printing sector.

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  • Easy adaptation to different materials due to infinitely variable power control
  • Problem-free transport due to compact dimensions and light, but robust, design
  • Very easy exchange of components due to m-tec typical quick release system

Safety systems

  • Two-channel integration in external emergency stop system
  • Two-channel integration in safety chain

Interface and connection options

  • Local operation
  • Remote control via hardware interface
  • Remote control via Modbus-RTU interface


  • Industrial Automation

Applicable Rotors/Stators*

  • Rotor m-tec D8-2
  • Stator m-tec D8-2 self-adjusting Shore 70º
  • Stator m-tec D8-2 self-adjusting Shore 62º
  • Rotor m-tec D8-2
  • Stator m-tec D4 1/2 adjustable Shore 73º
  • Stator m-tec D4 1/4 adjustable
  • Rotor m-tec m-tec star
  • Rotor m-tec m-tec star

*for reference only.


Standard delivery volume: approx. 3 – 24 l/min continuously adjustable (depending on the worm pump)
Conveying distance:* up to 40 m
Conveying height:* up to 20 m
Delivery pressure:* up to 30 bar
Drive motor: 4,0 kW, 400V, 50 Hz
Software interface for communication: RJ45/USB Adapter (RS485/USB)
Hardware interface for communication: Ready for operation
Remote start/stop
Adjusting the pump speed

Here you can download our brochure in PDF.

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