Construction Site Equipment

m-tec® develops and manufactures construction site technology for classic applications
as well as for modern construction sites: From transport to the provision of dry mortar products to their application on your construction site, we provide you with everything from a single source. In this we are unique.


We have your entire logistics concept in mind and guarantee the optimum compatibility of vehicle and container. Our silo placing units are available as pocket silo placing units, hook lift silo placing units or as a combination.


All our silos can be excellently combined with m-tec® machine technology so that you can transport and process your products quickly and conveniently. Our silos are available in different sizes from 1-22 m³ and for many different special applications.

Conveying Systems

Our conveying systems enable dust-free conveying of commercially available, already premixed dry mortar products to the point of use.

m-tec® conveying systems replace the timeconsuming unloading, carrying, tearing open and filling of bagged material, as the material is transported directly from the silo to the processing machine by a closed system. m-tec® conveying systems are available as free-fall systems or as pressure systems.

Continuous mixer

Developed for processing classic dry mortar products and optimized for the requirements of modern construction sites. Depending on the application or particle size, you can select the right mixer from our extensive range.


products such as textured and precious plasters with a grain size of up to 8 mm.

Mixing pumps

Continuously operating special machines for Mixing and pumping of commercial, pumpable dry mortar products or pasty materials.

Silo mixing pumps

They are the „big brothers“ of the mixing pumps, and are fed exclusively via silo.


Specially designed for processing factory premixed dry spray mortar up to 4 mm as well as dry sprayed concrete of 4-8 mm grain size. This makes it the ideal unit for new construction and repair of civil engineering structures in building construction and tunneling.

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