Conveyor System

Our conveyor systems allow the pneumatic, dust-free conveying of commercially available pre-mixed dry mortar products to the place of their use. m-tec systems replace the time-consuming unloading, carrying, tearing up and filling the bag, because the material is conveyed through a closed system directly from the silo into the processing machine. A continuous flow of material and high conveying capacities are of course as well as an efficient, clean work. This worldwide and thousand times proven conveyor system with continuous feeding of processing devices works without any operator involvement.

There are pressure conveying systems and free fall conveying systems. Pressure conveyors are used in conjunction with pressure silos. Free fall conveyors with funding bell are suitable to feed with a non-pressurized silo or for use with bagged material.

The m-tec hurrican, a conveyor system for free fall silos can additionally be loaded with bagged material in the stand alone version. With an optional device that extract the resulting dust, clean, dust-free, and efficient work is ensured.

The m-tec G140, the free fall conveyor, which covers distances that only were possible with pressure conveying systems also impresses with its easy handling. Conveying distance can be improved by using an additional side compressor.

As superbly equipped variant “+” the m-tec pressure conveying systems in the F-series offer a full automatic operation, disposing silo pressure monitoring and control and additional details such as the monitoring of the direction of rotation or an automatic support hose emptying.

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