The sky is the limit with m-tec – G140!


Conveying into a new dimension
With its G140, the world’s most powerful pneumatic conveying system for non-pressurized silos, m-tec is setting new standards for job site machines as it was with the duo-mix mixing pump.
The new G140 pneumatic conveying system features optimised technology that can pneumatically transport conventional premixed dry mortar products  over distances that previously were
the sole domain of pressurized silos.

For details, please contact your local sales representative or dealer: +49 7631 709 122

Our Specialist for:                                                                                           

  • Adhesives dry
  • Bricklaying mortar
  • Cement plasters
  • Finishing plasters
  • Floor screed
  • Lime plasters
  • Lime cement plasters
  • Lime gypsum plaster
  • reinforcing and adhesive mortars


  • Construction chemicals
  • Rendering
  • Flooring
  • Masonry

*for reference only


G140 G160
Compressor: approx.140m³/h approx. 160m³/h
Drive motor: 7,5 kW, 400V, 50Hz 9kW, 230/ 400V 60Hz
Electrical connection: 400V, 50 Hz, 3ph 230V, 60Hz, 3ph
Fuse: 25A 63A
Connecting cable: 5×4,0mm² 5×4,0mm²
Connector: 32A, 5p, 6h 63A 4pol 9h
Dimensions: H:650 / L:530 / W:1030 H:710 / l:640 / W:1130
Weight: 215kg 240kg

Pressure pot:

G140 G160
Silo connection: ND250 ND250
Rotary drive: 0,18kW, 400V, 50 Hz 0,12kW, 230V, 60Hz, 3ph
Dimensions: H:985 / W:685 / L:995 H:985 / L:685 / W:995
Weight: 125kg 125kg

Here you can download our brochure in PDF.


Technology for better building

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