Durchlaufmischer m-tec
m-tec continuous mixer – efficient processing of almost all dry-mortar products the ready-made product.

Nevertheless whether you use the sack or material out of the silo, with m-tec continuous mixer, you are optimally equipped for every construction site. The practical and thought-out construction is the guarantee for simple operation and easy cleaning.

Optionally, some series of m-tec continuous mixers feature our patented mixing principle. The technical highlight is the transfer of material from the dosing area to the mixing area – the water is no longer simply sprayed at the dry material as in the past, but is instead dosed according to patented mixing principle, that sprinkles it into a pool of water and then mixed. The result: the construction materials are blended even more effectively and the additives take full effect. This all guarantees the first-class processing of the materials.

Depending on the model, by mounting on the silo a compact unit is created, that speeds up work on the building site whatever the weather.

Depending on the model, a compact unit that absolutely all-weather accelerates the work on the construction site is created by direct mounting on the silo. Models that are designed for the bagged material have big hopper, made for site use.

As is typical of all m-tec systems, the continuous-mixers have easy and quick to use connector systems that enable important elements, such as the mixing chamber or mixer motor, to be replaced in just a few seconds – a further advantage on the construction site!

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