building 4.0: duo-mix connect


With the duo-mix connect, we have developed the first mixing pump that makes networking possible, even in dry mortar technology. Using different standardized interfaces, it is quick and easy possible to retrieve information from the duo-mix connect or to control the machine externally, eg. for example, for 3-D printing tasks that communicate with robots or for industrial production where the duo-mix connect is linked to other machines via the existing plant control system.
There are many applications in which the duo-mix connect can be integrated into higher-level automation processes. With duo-mix connect, it is very easy to implement processes via conventional interfaces as well as via future-oriented OPC UA protocols. Thus, our duo-mix connect can
e. g. be integrated into holistic security concepts, optimized process sequences or robot technology.
With the duo-mix connect you are ready for the future 4.0 and can take the next steps in digitized communication.
The duo-mix can be fed with bagged material, silo material (in conjunction with an m-tec silo, conveying system and filter hood) as well as with bucket coat materials.
As is typical of all m-tec systems, the duo-mix has easy and quick to use tensioning wedges, enabling important elements such as the worm pump or mixer motor to be replaced in just a few seconds.

For Details, please contact your local sales representative or
+49 7631 709 122

Our Specialist for:

  • 3D-concrete-printing
  • 3D-printable mortars and concretes
  • Adhesives dry
  • Bricklaying mortar
  • Cement plasters
  • Cementitiour self – levelling
  • Finishing plasters
  • Floor screed
  • Flowing screeds
  • Insulating plaster
  • Lime cement plaster
  • Lime gypsum plaster
  • Lime plaster


  • Tasks including communication with robots
  • Industrial construction with M2M control

Recommended accessories*

  • Stator incl. Rotor m-tec Star, blue
  • Dry material sensor
  • Pump mixer
  • Hosepressure manometer DN35
  • Pump end piece M35 incl. reduction piece M35/M25
  • Various tools

* for reference only.


Standard delivery volume approx.: 22 l/min (depending on worm pump)
Conveying distance: up to 60 m *
Conveying height: up to 30 m *
Conveying pressure: up to 30 bar*
Drive motors:
Conveying: 3,0 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz
Mixing / Pump: 5,5 kW, 400 V,  50 Hz
Fuse: 25 A
Connecting cable: 5 x 4,0 mm²
Connector: 32A 5P 6h
Watersupply: 3/4“ water hose with GEKA coupling, required water pressure/min. 2.5 bar while the machine is running
Dimensions: approx.: ca. 1350 x 640 x 1390 mm
Weight: approx. 260 kg

* Depending on consistency, quality and composition of the material, pump model – and condition, diameter and length of the delivery hose and also the pumping height of the material.

Here you can download our brochure in PDF.

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