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m-tec® M330 with FC300 -The best solution for flooring systems

The m-tec® M330 offers the best possible homogeneous mortar quality, even with products that are difficult to mix, such as construction chemicals. Combined with the m-tec ® FC300 foaming unit, this is the solution for foamed concrete based flooring systems.

m-tec® M330 with FC300 Applications

The M330 can be used for all pumpable dry mortars, screeds, flow levelling compounds and self-levelling products. In combination with the foaming unit it is particularly suitable for demanding flooring systems.

Scope of supply

In the version for floor systems, the mixing pump is supplied with FC300 foam unit, without compressor, but with unistar II rotor/stator and accessories.

Plus points

The perfect interplay between the m-tec ® M330 and the FC300 foam gun means that once the basic parameters have been set, the required material can be applied quickly – making work fun!


Our patented mixing system, combined with the large mixing volume, ensures the best possible mixing of cement slurries for both foamed concrete and flowing screed.


The M330 can be used as a mixing pump. Together with the FC300 foam unit you get the best flooring system available in this size.


Easy dismantling of the two units, clear controls and large wheels make the combination easy to handle.

m-tec technology for better building

m-tec® develops and manufactures construction site equipment for traditional applications as well as for tasks on modern construction sites:
From the transport and supply of dry mortar products to their application on site, we provide you with everything from a single source. Throughout the world, in almost 100 countries, m-tec® has made construction better, faster and, above all, more economical.

That makes us unique.

And to make sure it stays that way, we stay on the ball with our partners when it comes to new developments.
For example, m-tec has accompanied the development of 3D concrete printing, contributing to the success of this new technology.

Technical data

M330 with FC300

duo-mix 2000 with FC300

Mixing pump power: approx. 45 l / min (with unistar II) approx. 50l / min (with Ü45/7)
Output after foam generator approx. 70l / min approx. 75 l / min
Mixing pump output: up to 100 m up to 100 m
Output to foam generator: bis zu 25m bis zu 25m
Mixing pump:
Flow range: 2,2 kW 400 V 50 Hz 3,0 kW 400 V 50 Hz
Mixing pump range: 4,0k W 400 V 50 Hz 5,5kW 400V 50Hz
Water pump: 0,75 kW ca. 60l/min 0,75 kW ca.60 l / min
Fuse protection 25A 25A
Foam generator:
Compressor: MKG 300 MKG 300

Capacity, distance and height depend on the material being conveyed and the stator and rotor used.

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Technology for better building

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