Small but powerful! – m-tec mono-mix


Thanks to its reliability, powerful drive and tried-and-
tested m-tec detailed solutions, this small but impressive mixing pump has enjoyed many years of popularity! The mono-mix is available in two versions: 230 Volt or 400 Volt. In the 230 Volt version a frequency converter ensures that optimum performance can be achieved at any time: this is a huge advantage on building sites with a 230V power supply, e.g. during refurbishment projects or interior work.
For details, please contact your local sales representative or
dealer. +49 7631 709 122


Our Specialist for:                                                                                 

  • adhesives dry
  • cement plasters
  • cementitious self- levelling
  • decorating plaster
  • finishing plasters
  • floor screed
  • flowing screeds
  • gypsum plaster
  • lime cement plaster
  • lime gypsum plaster
  • lime plaster
  • loam products dry
  • reinforcing and adhesive mortars
  • restoration plaster
  • self levelling products
  • structured and decorative renders
  • thin layer gypsum and cement products


  • Construction chemicals
  • Rendering
  • Flooring
  • Plastering
  • Renovating

recommended accessories*

  • Mortar hoses
  • Fine plaster spray gun
  • Adhesive gun
  • Rotors/Stators
  • After mixer
  • Vibrator

applicable Rotors/Stators*

  • Stator m-tec D8-2 self-adjusting Shore 62º
  • Rotor m-tec D8-2
  • Stator m-tec D8-1,5 mono-star Shore 63º
  • Rotor m-tec D8-1,5 mono-star
  • Rotor m-tec m-tec star
  • Rotor m-tec m-tec star
  • Rotor m-tec uni-star 0,5
  • Stator m-tec m-tec star self-adjusting Shore 71º

*for reference only.


Specifications mono-mix-FU
Mixing pump output: approx. 5-20 l/min
variable with other worm pumps
Conveying distance:* up to 20 m
Conveying height:* up to 10 m
Conveying pressure:* up to 20 bar
Drive motor: 3,0 kW
Compressed air supply: 1,1 kW, approx. 250 l/min, 4 bar
Electrical connection: 230 V, 60 Hz, 2 ph
Fuses: 20 A
Connecting cable: 3 x 2,5 mm²
Connector: Nema L6-20A, 3-pol
Water pump: TM61E, 230V 60 Hz
Water supply: 3/4“ water hose with GEKA coupling, required water pressure min. 2.5 bar while the machine is running
Dimensions: approx. 1430 x 670 x 1.150 mm
Weight: approx. 160 kg

Here you can download our brochure in  PDF.

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