Silo Mixing Pumps


m-tec silo mixing pumps are so to speak the “big brothers” of the mixing pump. Silo mixing pumps are fed exclusively by silo.

Silo mixing pumps are continuously operating machines for mixing and pumping of pumpable dry mortars. The ready-mixed dry mortar is fed into the reservoir of the mixing pump directly from the silo. A transportation shaft feeds the dry material in the mixing tube, in which the mixing spiral the material changes into a pumpable mortar.

Our silo mixing pump SMP has our patented dual mixing system. Here, the material is interspersed in the vertical area in a water bath, before it falls into the mixing tube and then mixed once again. As a result, the material is more homogeneous, and the additives disperse better.

After the mixing spiral, at the pump end piece, the feed screw, consisting of a rotor and a stator, further feeds the wet material in the cleaning hoses. The flow rate is determined through the selection of the transport shift and the rotors.

For storage and dilution of dry mortar products on site is the combination of m-tec silo mixing pumps and m-tec silos your solution for efficient processing. Optimal dilution and high conveying distances are not the only benefits. Significantly reduced cleaning costs and the ease of use make the work easier and save valuable time. The operator gets a matched system of silo, product and machine ready for use from one single source. Simply perfect.

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