Vehicle for pocket silos

Vehicle for pocket silo lifting (TSS)

TSS 5-Achser

The m-tec pocket silo placing unit – developed in 1980 – has been consistently advanced over decades and steadily adapted to the needs of our customers.

The construction, independent of the chassis, is specially designed for the transport of m-tec pocket silos and can be mounted on 3-axle, 4-axle and 5-axle chassis. The payload of 16t, 20t or 28t depends on the gross load weight of the vehicle.

By the installation of additional units, the superstructure can also take other containers as per example hook lift silos (change container according to DIN 30734), or silos with Thyssen-System. There are more container systems available on request.

The pocket silo placing unit TSS is not only characterized by its proven easy handling on setting up and unloading the containers but also for its very robust and durable construction.

For details please contact your local
sales representative or dealer. +49 7631 709 174

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