Silo and container

silo and container, portable or stationary

Since 1993, m-tec is manufacturing silos and containers for the construction industry.The standard product line ranges from small silos with 1,2m³ up to stationary silos (max. 100 m³) and also includes transport silos (3-30 m³) available with all types of lifting systems.

Using CAD design tools in combination with state of the art silo production process allow the application of our silos and containers in the most diverse industries. In addition to various logistics solutions for the plastic and steel industry, you will also find our silos on golf courses, as road salt storage for winter road maintenance, or as adsorber in the field of wastewater treatment and exhaust gas cleaning. The different, sometimes very special applications are the result of decades of experience in the production and application of unpressurized and pressurized containers.

As special service m-tec offers the renovation of old or damaged silos and containers. This “all around carefree package” includes not only transportation and repair work at the steel construction but also appropriate painting and branding with the customer’s logo. For the painting of all containers an eco-friendly water-based varnish which fully complies with the latest VOC directives is used.

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