Silo connect

The m-tec silo-connect probe opens up new possibilities for remote maintenance of machines and exact location and level measurement of your silo. Specially developed for transport silos, it can also be easily retrofitted to existing silos (up to max. 2 bar). Due to the clever positioning of the probe, your silo can still be transported without problems.

Our decades of experience in the building materials and especially in the dry mortar industry enables us to adapt the silo-connect probe exactly to the requirements of this industry. We have also attached particular importance to the easy retrofitting of the system. This means that you can bring any transport silo up to the latest state of the art with our solution

Individual adaptations can be made for each silo, allowing flexible handling of all your silos.

Your advantages

m-tec GPS Exact location tracking
Precise GPS positioning with map overview, to the location of all silos

m-tec machine and silo monitoringMonitoring your silo and machine
Detect and eliminate malfunctions and operating errors

fehlfahrtenAvoiding error trips
Exact information about available material – no unnecessary journeys

Verwaltung Easy administration
Cloud data is connected and accessible via interface with your ERP system

silo for rentWithout acquisition costs
All components can also be rented on request

m-tec füllstandsdatenOnline filling level data
Precise information in real time about material stock, remaining quantity, max. filling, etc.

renovationLow maintenance effort
Silo is no longer damaged by knocking, stone throwing, etc.

DispositionOptimized disposition
Better planning of remaining quantities and efficient reblowing and changeovers

NachhaltigkeitSustainability and environmental protection
Fuel and CO2 savings through better planning

Technology for better building

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