Although it will take some more time, for legal reasons, until there will be build entire houses in Germany with 3D-printers, this technology is coming. And m-tec is in the forefront!

Our technology enables the production of „printing material“ in consistent quality and adjusted to the appropriate speed. It is essential that the first layer is strong enough to bear the next layer. But at the same time it should be still sufficiently humid to be able to connect to the new layer. Currently, m-tec technology is used in several projects.

Cooperation with Constructions-3D
Our partner offers a mobile complete turnkey solution for onsite production of 3D-printed structures. Constructions-3D has developed one of the biggest 3D-concrete-printers. The printing system with integrated
m-tec technology is ready for immediate use (plug and play), easy to operate and ready for series production, as you can watch here.


Project with well known producers and universities

Currently m-tec technology is used in several projects. As for example in this video .


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