The application of our silos is not confined to building materials. You can easily transport many different bulk materials and use on the appropriate spot. A good example of this application is the TAUFIX mobile – rental silos for de-icing salt of the Swiss salt works. Over 100 silos are located at customers and are filled up on a regular basis. The system has proven itself and is very well accepted by the customer.

Pellet heating

Our silos are very versatile. For some time now also as a container for mobile pellet heating systems. Almost everywhere where a mobile heating system is needed, this solution can also be used to quickly set up one, e.g. on construction sites, in marquees or during hay drying. The silos with pellet filling are installed with a silo placing unit directly on site and the heating system can then immediately obtain pellets
So far, more than 80 silos of different sizes are on the move in Switzerland and are often used.

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