Plant Engineering

m-tec® develops and manufactures innovative solutions for the production of
premixed building materials and other fine-grained bulk materials. All over the world, in almost 100 countries around the globe, m-tec® has made construction
better and faster, but, above all, more economical. In this, we are unique.

Dry Mortar Plant

Our spectrum ranges from the small, compact horizontal mixing plant with a capacity of 1-10 t/h to the row mixing plant with a standard capacity of up to 50t/h to the flexible high-performance mixing tower plant with a capacity from 5 to 100 t/h.


The system of m-tec® mixers has proven itself over the years. The design of the mixer creates a three-dimensional particle movement of the components. The result is the best mix in a short mixing time.

Dosing and Weighing

Depending on the application, our flexible additive dosing systems – the m-tec POWERDOS® and the m-tec FIBERDOS® – offer (almost) unlimited possibilities in addition to the additive scale.


The m-tec® MIDAS-control system offers a complete hardware and software solution for all monitoring and control requirements of your dry mortar plant. You can choose from several
modules to suit your manufacturing process.


With our experts in our technology center m-technicum, we offer competent advice on all aspects of your dry mortar production …

  • Raw materials analysis
  • product development
  • Trainings …
  • Together with you, we optimize your products and manufacturing processes.

Technology for better building

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