Air belt conveyor LB

The LB air belt conveyor from m-tec uses the air cushion principle. Air is used as an anti-blocking agent. It is blown through holes between the belt and the guide hopper so that the belt can move on the cushion of air with next to no friction. Carrier rollers are no longer required.

The advantages of the modular design are apparent. Precise belt lengths can be achieved by inserting more modules or shortening the existing modules. Each module has a sealed, inter-connectable air channel. Seal problems are a thing of the past and costs are reduced. Air belt conveyors from m-tec are available in belt widths LB 650 and LB 800.

Air belt conveyor LB – added benefits

Vibration-free transport, no de-mixing of sensitive products

Little friction because the belt runs on a cushion of air

Distributor valve with a minimal installation height

Wear-resistant and few service requirements Optimum discharge funnel design

Air belt conveyor LB – specifications

Available in versions with 0.5 m to 4 m elements

Self-supporting up to 6 m

Suitable for reversible operation

Belt speed: 1.3 m/s

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