Cellular wheel

The cellular wheel sluice from m-tec provides the ideal combination of batch and continuous mixer under hopper discharge functions. The product discharge is proportionately in line with the speed of the sluice. This “forced discharge” is independent of the product and filling level.

Different slide valves and valve opening programs for the various products and the overfilling of subsequent conveying organs are now a thing of the past thanks to the m-tec special cellular wheel sluice. Following extensive testing and successful use in practice, the m-tec cellular wheel sluice is the ideal discharge tool for mixer under hoppers.

The discharge performance of the various sluices always corresponds to the production output of the mixer. So a continuous production is possible. A regulated drive is also available.

Carefully designed chambers in conjunction with an additional pneumatic cleaning system enable residue-free discharge. This means that there is usually no need for manual cleaning when changing products.

For faster replacement of the wearing strip, one of the long sides of the ZS 1400 and ZS 2000 sluices can be removed. These m-tec cellular wheel sluices are always supplied with a controller that ensures continuation to the next step in manual mode. This means that it is easy to replace the strips on an occasional basis. If there are sluices ZS 400 and ZS 500 installed, the rotor can easily be removed to the side to replace the wearing strips, the rotor can easily be removed to the side to replace the wearing strips.

The m-tec cellular wheel sluice is particularly suitable for dry materials up to a grain size of 8 mm. The m-tec cellular wheel sluice is suitable for dry materials up to a grain size of 8 mm. Depending on the size of the mixer, under hopper, cellular wheel sluice, and pneumatic conveyor belt, a considerable reduction of the installation height is possible.

Cellular wheel sluice ZS – added benefits

Controlled, even product discharge to subsequent conveying organs

Guaranteed seal – even with fluidized products

Residue-free thanks to pneumatic cleaning and specially rounded chambers

long service life thanks to a special elastomer seal and Hadrox housing

Cellular wheel sluice ZS – specifications

Versions 0.4 m to 2 m in length

Grain size from 0 – 16 mm

Speed can be regulated 0 – 21 min-1

Large service hatches along the entire length, hold-to-run controls for positioning the cellular wheel

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