Depending on the area of application and system concept, the FAD system (flexible additive dosing system) offers maximum flexibility for the unlimited use of various additives either as an alternative or as a supplement to additive scales.

The FAD system makes it possible to dose and weigh additives automatically and to convey them pneumatically to the plant. The system can be set up at any time, even outside the mixing tower plant.

The particular advantage for users: as an overall system, the FAD system is the best possible answer for the flexible dosing of powdered additives. This can be implemented both in new mixing plans and existing ones. The options for combining the components are as flexible as the overall system itself:

WBS exchangeable container system

  • Numerous additives can be used on a flexible basis
  • Up to 10 mobile containers can be used at a time
  • New formulations with numerous components can be integrated with ease at any time

BDS big-bag dosing station

  • The product is removed directly from the big-bags – no need for any transfers
  • Greater efficiency through simple production handling and thus major savings in terms of time and costs!

AFA additive conveyor system

  • The additive dosing system can also be located outside the mixing tower, thus saving space in the mixing tower
  • Additional equipment can be added to existing plant at any time with ease

AW additive scale

  • Maximum weighing accuracy thanks to optimum design with three load cells
  • Highest quality dosing end product thanks to precision dosing station.

The new precision technology from m-tec POWERDOS guarantees quality and competitiveness:

  • Highly effective additives can also be dosed precisely in extremely small amounts
  • Minimizing raw materials while maximizing quality
  • Precision is independent of the bulk material
  • The controller is logged according to ISO 9001

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