m-tec mixers

m-tec mixers have a mixing system that has been proven over decades in practice. They work according to the centrifugal mixing principle: a special mixer construction causes a three-dimensional particle movement in the components to be mixed, guaranteeing excellent mixing quality and efficiency at the shortest mixing times.

Mixing tools, drive performance, size and material are specially designed to the specific product to be mixed. Special centrifugal blades (in wear-resistant materials if necessary) ensure an intensive, but gentle mixing process. This makes it possible to avoid size reduction of granulated or coarse material and to prevent material from being pulverized between the mixing tool and the mixer shell.

This means that agglomerates, pigments and fibers can be dispersed without difficulty.
The mixer arms are attached to the mixing shaft by means of push-on connections with adjusting screws, enabling the mixing tools to be replaced rapidly.

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