Batch mixer MS – nozzle discharge at a low price!



MS mixers are ideal for cost-conscious customers who rarely change the formulation, or who are happy to accept a certain amount of manual cleaning. The mixing result is the same as that achieved with the high-end model, the MR!

Discharging is quick and easy thanks to pneumatically activated discharge flaps, surrounded by discharge nozzles. The sealing system with mechanical self-cleaning guarantees a 100% seal, even with cohesive mixing products.

MS mixers are characterized by long-life mixer shaft seals, thanks to a specially developed sealing lip system. Additionally, air gap seals could be provided.

For details please contact your local sales representative or dealer.
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  • Low investment costs (compared to mixer type MR)
  • The optimized residue-free discharge could be achieved, thanks to a special rectangular flap (optional)
  • Excellent mixing results (as with the MR mixer)
  • Simple design through several outlet nozzles (optional)
  • Low height
  • Quasi-continuous production in case of using an underhopper (as with the MR mixer)
  • Gentle mixing using special mixing blade geometry

Here you can download our brochure in PDF.

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