New modul now available „Silo Input Barcode“

Different barcodes containing information about a raw material (ArticleNo, Weight) are to be scanned on the big bags.

The allocation of the raw material i.e. ScaleNo and SiloNo will be shown on the display of the barcode scanner and in the program itself, where the corresponding silo will be highlighted in color.

The user should now scan the barcode on this silo and if checking is successful the material weight value will be added automatically in the Article manager module.

New modul now available „Barcode printer“

This module controls a barcode printer delivered by company CAB.

A label containing ready mixed product information can be automatically generated and printed. All labels information will be registered in the database for control purposes.

New modul now available „Manual Addition Barcode“

This module is used to prepare the components quantities for the manual addition for the already created orders to be produced.

As a special feature the components to be weighed will be checked through a barcode scanner. If checking is successful the material weight value will be registered in the system for coming production.

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