QA training

Quality Control training

As well as suitable raw materials and excellent mixing and dosing technology, the production of high quality Drymix mortars also requires a well-organized and effectively operating Quality control system (QC system).

Thanks to their many years of experience in the area of Drymix mortar technology, our specialists are familiar with the problems that can occur during production. They know that the first task of Quality control system is to ensure the most reliable monitoring of raw material and product quality, while keeping testing most efficient, that means to keep effort as small as possible.

In addition to the tests required according to DIN or EN standards, it is also necessary to test and decide quickly if just delivered raw material meets all requirements and can be stocked or otherwise has to be declined to accept.

All raw materials that fail to meet the specifications can thus be returned to the responsible supplier, preventing them from being mixed with passed raw materials.

Another advantage of this procedure with quick in-house tests: the production of faulty batches of finished products and the associated expense of disposing of and treating materials are effectively avoided.

Summary: An optimally configured quality assurance system saves costs in dealing with complaints and helps in pursuing reasonable claims against raw materials suppliers.

Entrust your personnel to us: We will train them in a competent and responsible way in all significant tests and will explain procedures in such a way that the smooth operation of your Quality control system is assured at all times.

Our Technology Centre will be happy to provide you with forms and testing instructions. This will enable you to establish your own quality assurance system directly with minimum of administrative effort.

Services in details:
Hands-on Laboratory Trainings
Teachings and Trainings for installation, instruction, composition and establishing a QC system
Need of time is depending on raw material and product range and variety
Raw material analysis (chemical, mineral and technical suitability tests)
Trainings in quality testing procedures for raw materials and finished products (hands-on training for employees)
Trainings, lectures in construction chemistry in dry blend mortars (Seminars and hands-on trainings with clients material)
Training in product development (hands-on trainings with clients material)
Planning, setting and providing of laboratory facilities and laboratory equipment
Full info service, all documents, data sheets and results are owned by client and are completely handed out beginning with the first steps of project

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